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The "Synto-List" is a forum for discussions and exchange of information related to Syntonic Optometry.

Join the growing "Synto-list" Behavioral Syntonic Optometrists who utilize this Email list as an easy way to:

  • request assistance on a specific problem, contact specific members;
  • to discuss any issue related to our profession; or
  • to simply remain informed on what is happening in our field.

It is un-moderated forum where any topic related to Syntonic Optometry can be raised. The "Synto-List" is maintained by Sandra Rothbauer / Executive Secretary BOAF ( and Stefan Collier / Dean BOAF (

Membership is only open to members of BOAF-EASO.

To join the "Synto-List" fill in the registration form. After member ID-check (this can take a couple of days), you will receive an invitational Email to join the list. If you have any difficulties please Email Sandra Rothbauer at ( Note, you are required to provide evidence of your BOAF membership by filling in your Member-ID.

While the list is un-moderated, please make sure that the post is relevant to our profession. In case of violating this policy you will be removed from the list.



We also created the "Bo-List". This is also a BOAF forum for discussions and exchange of information related to Behavioral Optometry.


Joining the 2 forums will give you the maximal information to stay informed on what is happening in our field.

Note: Everybody can write in his own language so their will not be any translation! Use "Google-Translate" or ask a friend.

Not yet a BOAF member? Become a member and do not miss this wonderful opportunity!

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