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European Academy of Syntonic Optometry - EASO

A Subdivision of the Behavioral Optometry Academy Foundation - BOAF

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Welcome to the European Academy of Syntonic Optometry (EASO).

EASO is a nonprofit association dedicated to education and research in Syntonic Optometry - photoretinology - the therapeutical application of light to the visual system.

EASO is a sub-division of the Behavioral Optometry Academy Foundation (BOAF).

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The EASO-Program is given in Europe in the different European countries and in different languages, such as German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish.

Or if requested, the seminars will be translated, so the attendees can have a maximal benefit.


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EASO - BOAF Partners

CSO - College of Syntonic Optometry

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SIODEC - Sociedad International de Optometria del Desarrollo Y Comportamiento


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