Syntonic Optometry

What is it?

Syntonic Optometry - Syntonic phototherapy is noninvasive and quick acting. 

It works via the application of specific bands of low power light through the eyes. It has been used clinically for over 80 years in the field of optometry with continued success in the treatment of visual and cognitive dysfunction, including strabismus, amblyopia, focusing and convergence problems, learning disorders, and the aftereffects of stress, brain injuries and emotional/mood disorders. Syntonics is based on scientific principles.  Biophotomodulation, the science of light therapy, is one of the fastest growing areas of scientific and clinical research.

Three controlled studies by optometrists have examined syntonic phototherapy's impact on children's learning and vision. These studies provide evidence that relatively short-term syntonic treatment can significantly improve visual skills, peripheral vision, memory, behavior, mood, general performance and academic achievement. 

They also confirm that children with learning problems have a reduction in the sensitivity of their peripheral vision. During and after phototherapy syntonic patients showed improvement of peripheral vision and visual and learning skills.

In Syntonic Optometry, we are not interested in the visual or perceptual aspects of color per se, but in the unique energetic and physical effects that selected electromagnetic frequencies have on biological states and actions. Some filters used in Syntonic Optometry pass a broad band within the spectrum, others a very restricted band.

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Our Mission

The European Academy (EASO) Provides Post-Graduate Continuing Education Programs for the Behavioral Optometrist who wishes to learn and to further develop his knowledge in Syntonic Optometry.

the state of being adjusted to a certain wavelength.
— Quote by H.R. Spitler

What We've Achieved

  • The EASO Basic Curriculums 101 and 102 courses and Fellowship Program are recognized in full.
  • Our Spanish partner, SIODEC - Sociedad International de Optometria del Desarrollo y del Comportamiento, presents the same curriculums and educational programs with full BOAF - EASO support and recognition, to Behavioral and Syntonic Optometrists in Spain.

  • EASO has already presented Basic Curriculums 101 and 102 courses to their European members.
  • Advanced Syntonic Optometry Topics have been elaborated.
  • A full educational program has been set up which leeds to a Fellowship Program.
  • To learn more about all this, go to the Event and Project-Sections on the EASO-Website.
  • The dates of Continuing Education Programs, Events and Annual Meetings are listed on the EASO - BOAF - SIODEC websites.

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