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How to become Member

The Behavioral Optometry Academy Foundation(BOAF) was founded in 2012. Join now as an individual member and help shape the future of Behavioral and Syntonic Optometry.

This is an exciting time for BOAF with the establishment of partnership with SIODEC and CSO of its Subdivision the European Academy of Syntonic Optometry (EASO) which provides education in Syntonic Optometry in Europe and maybe in the future all over the globe.

In addition to individual members, we are also looking for corporate sponsors who believe in our mission and want to help.

BOAF-EASO Membership:

  • All BOAF members are automatically a member of EASO.
  • All BOAF members are also automatically associate member of SIODEC Spain
  • BOAF Annual Member fee is 195€
  • So join BOAF and get your EASO membership for free.
  • BOAF Link →


  • SIODEC-Spain gives their members the choice to become SIODEC member with or without EASO-BOAF Membership.
  • SIODEC Link →

Spread the Word

The most important thing you can do to get involved in Syntonic Optometry and as being a Behavioral Optometrist is to help us spread the word about the European Academy of Syntonic Optometry - EASO.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Send a Tweet, update your Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn status. You can include whatever you like, just remember to include the EASO Website URL  http://www.syntonicoptometry.mobi
  • Email your friends and colleagues and/or relevant mailing lists. Why not just send them a quick email and ask them to join us?
  • Post an Item on LinkedIn or Facebook groups. Why not post a small item about EASO and its activities.
  • Get active in the European Academy of Syntonic Optometry as a member, board member, presenter, or however you want to contribute.
  • Stay informed of the latest EASO news trough members update.
  • Become a Fellow of the European Academy of Syntonic Optometry.

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Just fill in the Information Form and become a member of the European Academy of Syntonic Optometry EASO. 

photography provided by Jared Chambers