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The "Synto-List" is a forum for discussions and exchange of information related to Syntonic Optometry.

Join the growing "Synto-list" Behavioral Syntonic Optometrists who utilize this Email list as an easy way to:

  • request assistance on a specific problem, contact specific members;
  • to discuss any issue related to our profession; or
  • to simply remain informed on what is happening in our field.

It is un-moderated forum where any topic related to Syntonic Optometry can be raised. The "Synto-List" is maintained by Sandra Rothbauer / Executive Secretary BOAF ( and Stefan Collier / Dean BOAF (

Membership is only open to members of BOAF-EASO.

To join the "Synto-List" fill in the registration form. After member ID-check (this can take a couple of days), you will receive an invitational Email to join the list. If you have any difficulties please Email Sandra Rothbauer at ( Note, you are required to provide evidence of your BOAF membership by filling in your Member-ID.

While the list is un-moderated, please make sure that the post is relevant to our profession. In case of violating this policy you will be removed from the list.



We also created the "Bo-List". This is also a BOAF forum for discussions and exchange of information related to Behavioral Optometry.


Joining the 2 forums will give you the maximal information to stay informed on what is happening in our field.

Note: Everybody can write in his own language so their will not be any translation! Use "Google-Translate" or ask a friend.

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Interview on Syntonic Optometry

Interview on Syntonic Optometry at the 4th International Congress of SIODEC in Gijon - Spain. Interview made by SIODEC.

Stefan Collier talks about Syntonic Optometry and explains how important this part of Behavioral optometry is for the Behavioral Optometrist.

SIODEC also published an article (in Spanish) of the interview.

The interview is in Spanish without translation.

Video - Youtube -posted with permission of SIODEC-Spain